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Away Band Camp--Tips on what to bring

posted Aug 4, 2013, 12:24 PM by S Lee
If you are new to band camp this year, please be sure to read the packing list on what to bring and what NOT to bring to band camp.  If you are a freshman, sophomore or junior, please bring two gallons of water as donations for our students when it is hot and they need a drink on the field.  Seniors, please bring two packs of single serving Gatorade bottles.  They can be dropped off at the entrance to the Colombiere Center when you check in.  It did not rain much at home camp, but if it rains when the students are on the field at away camp, they will continue to practice!  Please pack rain gear and it's recommended each student have 2 pairs of shoes and lots of socks.  Remember to bring your instrument and other supplies you need like valve oil, lyre, pencils with erasers.  Returning students should bring their "booty packs".  DO NOT BRING video games, pop or water bottles that have screw on caps, even if they have not been opened.  You can bring a reusable water bottle, but it should be empty when you arrive at camp.  Snack food is allowed in the rooms, but please keep it to a minimum, since your student will be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafeteria.  All luggage will be checked during check-in for contraband items.  Away band camp is a lot of fun, but we have to follow school guidelines and rules, even when we are not at Northern.