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Band Camp Reminders

posted Jul 21, 2015, 5:08 PM by S Lee
Lyres or Flip Books
If you need new lyres or flip books you can call Marshall Music and order them.  Marshall Music will be at Home Camp on Monday to deliver items that have been ordered in advance of camp to students.

Summer Uniforms
The summer uniform consists of the Official Marching Band uniform shirt (included in the participation fee for NEW MEMBERS), tennis shoes, white socks, and khaki shorts.  If you are a returning band member, please make sure you find these items and bring them to camp.  New band members also need to bring these items but will be getting their black marching band shirt at Home Camp.

Band Shoes & Gloves
These will be available for purchase on Wednesday of Home Camp.  This will be the only time they will be available so if you are a returning band member make sure you try on your old shoes to make sure they fit and find your gloves!