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Chairman Needed

posted Oct 21, 2015, 7:40 AM by S Lee
HELP!!  Our current Marching Band Food Chair people will be leaving us in the spring when their seniors graduate and we are looking for several parents to take over their responsibilities.  The position, which involves the planning and coordinating of feeding our musicians at various functions, can be filled by one or more parents.  These functions include: Home Marching Band Camp, Home Football Games, The Marching Band Banquet, and The Collage Concert.  All four functions do not need to be chaired by the same person or people!  So even if you can only commit to chairing or co-chairing one of these functions we’d love to talk to you!!

Everything has been outlined for you!  There is a binder available which outlines that has been done in the previous year. In fact, the suggested menus, supplies, and volunteer schedules are all there for 2016.  The ONLY things you might need to tweak are food quantities, IF the band grows beyond 220.  You do NOT need to re-create anything from scratch.  That's it!  With the binder in place and notes we have kept from year to year, all you have to do it pick it up and go!

Click HERE for a summary of what you would need to do for each of the four functions.  You can also contact Tracy Kramer via email at for additional details, or to see the binder that has been created to assist you with these jobs.