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Charms Office Password Help

posted Jan 19, 2014, 6:04 AM by S Lee

If you set a password for Charms Office, but have since forgotten it, use the "Show Hint" button next to the password entry box.  If you have not set up a password yet, you should use your student's ID number that you entered when you initially set up the account.  Follow the instructions posted in the News section titled "Set Up a Password" to change your password and also set up a "hint".  Your last option is to send an email to Donna Czarnik at and she can look up your password. 

How to Get to Charms?

  1. In your browser, type and Enter, or click on the "Charms Office" link on the home page of this website. 
  2. Select "Parents/Students/Member" from the drop-down menu under the Enter/Login selection in the upper-right corner.
  3. Enter our school code, WLNMusic, and press "Enter Charms".
  4. Once the Walled Lake Northern HS Music hub is showing, you can read the news, look at the calendar, or log in with your password to see more personalized information.