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Marching Band Payments

posted May 3, 2014, 7:30 AM by S Lee

We are happy to announce that the fees for the 2014 Marching Band season have not increased again this year. The cost will remain at $450 per student and $250 additional sibling. As in the past, you may write one check for the full amount due on Monday night (May 5th), or you may write four checks (also all due on Monday night) but dated forward to be deposited by us on the following schedule.

  • Initial Deposit for $150 dated 5/5/14
  • 1st Check for $100 dated 6/6/14
  • 2nd Check for $100 dated 7/1/14
  • 3rd Check for $100 dated 7/18/14

Payment is expected in full Monday night. The $450 participation fee includes a non-refundable $150 deposit. All remaining money becomes non-refundable after July 23, 2014. Please make all checks payable to the WLNMB.

Student Incentive balances can be applied toward the cost of Marching Band. There will be a table at registration to help you check your balance prior to cashing out.

Please contact Mrs. Hulliberger if you need to adjust the above payment schedule.