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MSBOA Festival Information--Help Still Needed!

posted Feb 21, 2015, 6:45 AM by S Lee   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 9:00 AM ]

Today is the first day of Festival. Is your student performing tonight? Or maybe tomorrow? Check out the schedule and make sure you are at the doors to the auditorium before their performance time. No one will be admitted once the musicians take the stage. And be sure to follow the group to the sight-reading portion of the event. This is a tremendous opportunity to see your student demonstrate all they've learned in their music careers.  Help is still needed in a few areas.  Click on the parent link below to sign up!

The performance schedule for the WLN Bands and Orchestras is below:

  • 3/13 - Friday 5:30 p.m. - Philharmonia Strings
  • 3/13 - Friday 6:35 p.m. - Symphony Band
  • 3/13 - Friday 9:20 p.m. - Symphony Orchestra
  • 3/14 - Saturday 9:40 a.m. - Concert Band
  • 3/14 - Saturday 3:45 p.m - Wind Ensemble