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The MI Daily 3 Raffle is BACK!

posted Aug 24, 2018, 1:09 PM by Beth Stockdale
Marching Band is holding the annual MI Daily 3 Raffle! Tickets are $20, and good for Mon-Sat. drawings based on the evening MI Daily 3 number through the month of October. For exact number matches, Mon. - Thurs. & Sat., the prize is $100; for a Friday evening match, the prize is $200! If your ticket is one number higher or lower than the winning number any day, you win $50! See your local marching band student to buy a ticket, or send an email to & Beth will help you out! You will also be able to purchase tickets at each of the 3 September home varsity football games! We can take cash payments or checks made payable to WLNMB.