Charms Office

Welcome to Charms Office!

We use a communication tool for our music families called Charms Office. Not only does this serve as the hub for all things music related, but it is used to keep our busy programs organized from uniforms and music libraries to fundraising and finances. To get this system up and running, we need to collect your student's information and other information that you are willing to share. The more details you can share, the better. You can even add yourself!


Charms Office allows us to check in student forms (like the many used at Marching Band registration), track student incentive accounts through SCRIP, even accept payments through PayPal! With your cooperation, we can use Charms to manage all facets of the music programs. 


You can use Charms on your smartphone or iPad. Just go to your app store (Apple's App Store or Google's Play) to view our calendars, check on your incentive balances, or to make a payment for a trip! The first step is to get your student's information in place.


Thank you for your cooperation in this endeavor. Please do not hesitate to contact Belinda Hogan ( with any questions you may have.

NEW Student Information

First Time Logging In?

To login for the first time, follow these steps:
  1. Type into your browser of choice.
  2. Click the NEW Students Click Here link.
  3. This will open a form, which you can fill out with your student's information.
  4. When you're finished, click on the Register button!
  5. That's it. Thank you for helping us in our endeavors! 

To Log In To Charms (after initial student data entry)

  1. In any web browser, type
  2. Click on Enter/Login in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select Parent/Students/Members from the drop-down menu.
  4. When prompted for school ID, use WLNMusic.
  5. See student-specific information by entering your student ID or password. 

Internet Explorer Note:

If you are using a recent version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer to access the Charms Office, please make sure that you have "Compatibility Mode" turned on. There may be problems with functionality if you do not.

Charms and Internet Explorer do not play nicely together. Normally putting Internet Explorer in compatibility view will correct the problems you are experiencing. Please go to the top of the internet screen. There should be an icon that looks like a torn piece of paper in the browser bar.

If you do not have a torn piece of paper icon in the browser bar, please go to Tools / Compatibility View.