Private Lesson Scholarship

The Walled Lake Northern Music Boosters established the Private Lesson Scholarship in 2006 to assist parents and students with participating in private lessons. Private lessons are essential for a student to reach their full potential on their instrument. The Music Booster scholarship is available to all current WLN Band, Choir, and Orchestra students during both semesters and over the summer. For the 2010-2011 school year, The Northern Music Boosters offer a private lesson scholarship for all Music students in the amount of $5.00 per lesson. Scholarships are paid out as a reimbursement at the end of each semester.

The private lesson must be on your primary Band or Orchestra instrument. Lesson reimbursement is also available for voice lessons.

A monthly $150.00 minimum SCRIP purchase is required to be eligible for this scholarship, for each musician in a family that is taking lessons. Scrip purchases DO NOT include purchases with a Kroger Plus Card or Hiller's Scrip Card.

Students will need to keep a weekly lesson log up-to-date – including a weekly private teacher signature. Lesson logs are available from your director or outside of the Music Office in the Band Room, or print the lesson log fromthe link on this page.

Band Policy - Private lessons are essential for continued growth and advancement on an individual’s instrument. All instrumental music students are strongly encouraged to study privately, and it is an expectation of Wind Ensemble musicians.

Clarification of Private Lesson Reimbursements 

In 2006, the Walled Lake Northern Music Boosters started a program that would encourage students to study privately by assisting with the cost of private lessons. The number of students who are taking advantage of this program is tremendous; however, to keep this valuable program within our original budget, we do need to make some clarifications in the scope of the program. First, students will be reimbursed $5.00 per lesson. This amount is not dependent on the length of the lesson. A 30-minute lesson, or a 60-minute lesson, both would receive a flat reimbursement of $5.00. 

Second, a student’s family must participate in our SCRIP (gift card) program through Great Lakes Scrip. A minimum of $150 per month, per student, per private teacher, must be spent. This does not include the use of a Kroger Plus Card or Hiller’s reloadable card. For example, a student studying with two different teachers (either instrumental or vocal) must spend a minimum of $300 to be eligible for two private lesson scholarships. And, a family with more than one student studying privately, must spend the minimum of $150 in SCRIP for each. 

We thank you for your continued support!
Donna Czarnik,
Apr 22, 2011, 8:03 AM